Catering Menus

Penne Putanesca

Give the people what they want!

Its not that difficult to work out what people want. After years of dealing with people from all walks of life, they just want to be fed and fed well. Food is firstly consumed with the eyes so the menu is the starting point.

Suits one, suits all

Next, its a simple choice of making sure that the food suits all dietary requirements and that it will please the majority. We can cater to persons with food allergies or special dietary needs. Just ask.

Rely on our experience

Over the years we have determined the favourites and most requested foods and have added a few fashionable ones for good balance.

We can accommodate you

All our menu's can be altered to suit and additional requests can be added.


We have included some of our favourites and some suggestions, but please just ask if you would like something different or something that we simply have not included.