Handfood Catering

Substantial Hand Food

$10.00 per person (20+ persons)

Not Finger food, but food that can be held in one hand with a beer in the other!

Great for blokes get togethers, whether its:

  • Hungry Shearers
  • Footy Teams
  • Bucks Dos
  • Firefighters
  • Whatever the occasion

We leave enough substantial food to feed the Hungry Bloke and soak up the booze.

  • Choose either Lamb, Beef or Pork – sliced generously
  • Coleslaw*
  • Green Salad*
  • Potato Salad*

*Choose 2 salads

Served with Onions, Bread Rolls and butter, gravy and condiments, paper plates and serviettes and disposable cutlery.

Delivered to your event in Styrofoam boxes.

No mess to clear up, no washing up, no worries.